We are a studio that has been dealing with interior design for years. We have often created furniture, lamps, and mirrors complementing the arranged space. These objects were usually created in single copies. As a mature brand, we decided to create an original design collection. The premiere show of designs developed by the designer Alicja Galewska took place at the Cocoon fair in Brussels in 2018.

Currently, the collection is displayed at the largest design and interior fairs in Poland.

The design consists of a creative transformation of space with the help of objects. It is the process of creating significant objects that give an impulse for interaction. The new designs are created in response to the need, they tell their own story, and at the same time give an aesthetic satisfaction. The design allows you to appreciate things that co-create the space of everyday experiences
projektowanie wnętrz Alicja Galewska
Alicja Galewska
Interior Architect